Tesla’s Next Generation Electric Sports Car

Author: Dennis Liu

Forget the stereotypic thought of electric cars can never be as powerful as gasoline cars, because Tesla Motors makes electric sports cars into reality. Tesla Roadster is what they call it. This mighty beast will have no mercy on the road as it can soar from 0 to 96 kilometers per hour in 3.7 seconds. At the same time, it has zero emissions because it runs completely on electricity!

The Roadster can be charged by any ordinary outlet, 110V or 220V. A complete charge only takes a few hours and the sports car will be ready to run a phenomenal 245 mile range. That is about 5 days worth of mileage for a regular American’s transportation needs! The Roadster from Tesla is an efficient, environmentally friendly, and cheap to drive sports car that can win many types car lovers’ hearts.

It is an intuitive fact that cars become less efficient as they age. It is not the case with the Tesla Roadster. In fact, Roadsters become more efficient in using electric energy the more they are driven. This is only true with Tesla’s cars. So while people are falling deeper into a hole of gasoline fees, Tesla owners are paying less and less for their electricity “fuel”. The efficiency of a Tesla Roadster is 88%; while for an ordinary gasoline car, the efficiency is only 20-25%. For the same amount of energy, the Roadster can do much more of the same work. This gives the Roadster owners a great advantage over other car owners, and also helps the environment to be cleaner.

Ever seen a car without tailpipe? Tesla Roadster does not have a tailpipe, because it does not need one. Being 100% independent of gasoline, the Roadster does not emit a single molecule of carbon dioxide while traveling. Electricity is all the car needs. It is true that about half of the United States’ electricity grid is powered by coal, which is just another pollutant besides petroleum. Even if so, driving a Tesla car would only indirectly “emit” half of what a petroleum-burning car would emit. The United States is using about 16% of the world’s petroleum supply for transportation, and still expanding.

Presuming everyone in the U.S. switched to Tesla’s cars, the U.S. alone will reduce the world’s carbon dioxide emission by 8%. The number might seem small, but it represents a gigantic number when it is referring to the whole world’s emissions. Driving these cars can really mend the environment.
Tesla Roadsters are not only good for the environment; they are beneficial for the drivers in the long run too! It costs $0.02 USD per mile to drive a Roadster in contrast to about $0.15 per mile for a gasoline car. Due to this deficit, Roadster drivers can save over 1300 USD annually!

Imagine how much one can save if he/she is using a solar panel to recharge the Tesla Roadster! Moreover, there are many subsidies offered by regional and/or federal governments around the world to support buyers of Tesla’s electric cars. For example, all Roadster owners in the world have the privilege to park for free and freely use the high-occupancy vehicle lanes. The U.S. government would even give a $7,500 tax credit to a Roadster buyer!

Having a Tesla Roadster is great for the society, the environment, and the buyers themselves. The potential Tesla’s cars have could possibly realize the future dreams of seeing electric cars being dominant on streets around the world. With the help of other services provided by companies like Better Place, the hope that gas stations being outdated is not impossible.

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