Green Canada: Top Five Environmentally-Friendly Companies

Author: Steve Stopek

Lots of companies pay lip service to be environmentally efficient but few organizations actually follow through. These are some companies from “Canada’s Greenest Employers” list which is created by Canada’s Greenest Employers competition.

The list is based on four criteria. First, organization’s that have unique environmental initiatives and programs. Second, companies which practice what they preach and reduce their own environmental footprint. Third, they have employees that are involved in green programs. Finally, they are all organizations that have programs and initiatives that effectively bring in new people and have been linked to the company’s public identity. These are a few shining examples when it comes to environmental awareness and corporate environmental responsibility.

TD Bank Financial Group
A pioneer organization that has been practicing what they preach since 1990 with various community initiatives which have generated millions of dollars. They have hired a Chief Environment officer. Partnered with Tree Canada they have participated in a program that will generate funding for a number of urban forest planning initiatives.

Hewlet-Packard Canada Co.
Employees volunteer their time to become environmental advocates. The organization is a shining example of waste reduction through its recycling program which has reduced millions of pounds in computer equipment and ink cartridges.

Loblaws Companies Ltd.
Has recently committed to a project to install rooftop solar panels in Ontario stores. Encourages diverting 70 percent of waste going to landfills through an innovative in-store waste reduction program.

Loyalty One, Inc.
“recently opened a new 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified customer call centre in Mississuaga — the impressive facility features one of the largest rooftop solar photovoltaic installations in Canada with 800 solar panels capable of generating 165 kilowatts of power — the installation has been set-up under the province’s unique feed-in-tariff (FIT) program, that will help the company break-even on its investment in approximately 10 years.”

Bayer Inc.
The company has partnered with United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). UNEP promotes environmental initiatives which help people improve the quality of life without affecting the environment negatively. Further, their employees are encouraged to be ‘Green Ambassadors’ for a full year.

Other notable mentions are IKEA Canada Limited Partnership, Sodexo Canada Ltd., and McGill University Health Centre. Of course we could not mention the top 5 environmentally-friendly companies in Canada without mentioning our own, Four Green Steps- we are proudly the world’s largest green marketplace! Four Green Steps promotes environmental awareness by providing an online community, news about the environment and all things green. Further, we go above and beyond by offering a free international environmental curriculum for schools around the world. Our company’s vision – to provide a greener future.

All these companies have shown a unique talent for showing that they are extremely concerned with environmental programs. They are especially effective at following through on showing they think and act Green.

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