Portland Raises Awareness of Green Transportation with Nude Bike Ride

Author: Melanie Kozlan

Portland held it’s famous (or perhaps, infamous) naked bike ride this past weekend in an effort to raise awareness of eco-friendly transportation. Portland, Oregon (Where nudity is generally legal) was proud to celebrate their 8th annual Naked bike ride since they first began in 2004.

From Reuters:
World Naked Bike Ride is a globally observed event among hard-core bikers designed, at least ostensibly, to promote the use of the bicycle for transportation. But Portland cyclists have been especially adamant about making it another of the Pacific Northwest city’s quirky traditions.

“This is just a way of drawing attention to the need to be more green and replace fossil fuels with natural power,” said Ken Johnson, who was completely nude and body-painted grey.
“I am going all the way” nude, said Xandi Silvaggi, adding, “it is all about saving the environment.”

Since the World Naked Bike Ride started in 2004, only four other cities — San Francisco, Seattle, and Boulder and Black Rock City in Colorado — have celebrated it every year.

The Portland nudist/cyclists have turned the event into a festival, with a pre-ride event and post-ride parties featuring both clothed and naked partying which lasts well into the night.

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