Meatless Monday: The Trouble With Soy

Author: Melanie Kozlan

Before opting for soy as a dairy alternative, it might be wise to stick with soy alternatives, made from rice or hemp (Hemp milk contains all ten essential amino acids).

Despite the soybean industry pushing Soy as the most accessible health food, soy can have incredible health risks including cancer, brain damage, hormonal issues, thyroid dysfunction,diabetes, digestive issues and is even know to cause development difficulties in infants.

Soybeans contain an incredible amount of plant-based estrogen that is known to copy our bodies own estrogen and cause health issues. This is made worse by the fact that most soybeans are highly genetically modified and contain a significant amount of unidentified chemicals; not only are the long term health effects of genetically modified plants untested, the USDA has allowed GMO corporations to police themselves and conduct their own health and safety assessments.

To make matters worse, infamous chemical company Monsanto (creator of Agent Orange) seems to have a monopoly on the soy market-currently owning 90% of it, a huge jump from the 2% they owned in 1996.

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