Suggestions to Help You Spot a Tiger at a Reserve

Written by Jessica Frei

Tips on Spotting a Tiger at a Reserve!The tiger is the most magnificent predator on the planet. From his royal walk to the frightful roar, tiger is certainly one such animal whose mere glimpse is a much awaited dream of every wildlife enthusiast. Unfortunately, tigers are one among the endangered species and thus are not found in any random corner of the globe. Nonetheless the good news is that India is home to 43 Tiger Reserves, which means it is one of the top destinations for spotting the big cats. In case this count of tiger reserves is insisting you for a tiger tour to India, then there are a few points to consider. These points will help; in fact will ensure that you get a clear view of the furious yet glorious king of the forest – the Tiger!

Pick the Right Tiger Reserve

Though India has 43 reserves, you need to visit one that has a considerable number of tigers. Sunderban Tiger Reserve, West Bengal has 103 big cats within its vicinity; thus Sunderban can serve as the destination to visit. Further Jim Corbett at Nainital, the oldest established national park of India, is also among the reserves with a substantial number of tigers and thus can be added to your list. So, don’t just visit any reserve; rather, research and know where can you witness the highest populace of tigers.

Consider the Best Season

Ideally, summers are considered to be the best time for visiting wildlife destination, as you have more daylight to spot the animals. However, almost every national park and reserve have a specific duration of the tour. For instance, the best time for wandering amidst the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is April to June. On the other hand, for visiting the Corbett Tiger Reserve, March to June is considered as the ideal time. Thus, plan your visit during the best season, or else you will end up only burning your budget.

Visit during the Best Time of the Day

The tiger is a night animal; studies have shown that the royal cats are more active during the night and they spent almost the entire day lying under shade. This is so because the prey of this furious predator stays active all day long but not during the night and thus becomes easy for the tiger to catch, kill and gulp down its prey. It is usually very dangerous to visit the reserve at night and even the authorities don’t allow safari after dark. Therefore, it is better that you watch them during the day while they relax under the shade of trees. However, if you have the urge of watching the tigers in the action mode, then dusk can serve a little to your urge.

Select the Right Safari

Basically there are three types of safari options – Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari and Canter Safari. Out of the three, the best one for a tiger tour is the Elephant Safari. The huge mammal can reach every nook and corner of the tiger reserve, where a four-wheeler can’t reach. Furthermore, with the Elephant Safari you can get a clearer and closer view of the tigers. Most of the highly visited tiger reserves like Kanha, Corbett, Bandhavgarh, Ranthambore and so on, always have the option of elephant safari.

Guide is a must

Irrespective of the fact that you are visiting the reserve for the first time or if it’s a revisit, taking a guide is a must. The guides are very well familiar with the tracks of the forest, the behavior of the animals, the best time and place to spot tigers, and they know what to do in case of an emergency. Thus, having a guide during the tiger tour is considered as a necessity.

Go for Best Zone to Spot the Tigers

Tiger reserves are divided into different zones and there are specific areas where you can easily spot the wild cats. For instance, Tala Zone 1 at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is considered the best zone for catching the glimpse of the beautiful predators. Your guide can help you in getting into the right zone.

These are very simple things to make sure that you don’t just get the mere glimpse, but the complete picture of the tigers. So whenever you plan a visit to tiger reserves, always make a point to consider these tips

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