Top 10 Eco-Friendly Countries

Author: Katia Ramadori

Did your country make the list?

  1. Iceland
    Iceland is first on the list because of its very low greenhouse gas emissions, protection of natural resources, and well-managed reforestation programs. The country is rich in natural landscape and eco-friendly housing, ensuring a sustainable future.
  2. Switzerland
    Coming in close in second is Switzerland. The country is very keen on recycling and pesticide control. Because the country is landlocked between mountains, it is very fragile, and therefore it is very important to keep a well balanced ecological system.
  3. Costa Rica
    Costa Rica holds its rainforests and high biodiversity as a top priority. The country supports eco-tourism, which also supports its local people. Even the hotels are environmentally friendly and blend into the environment with minimal pollution.
  4. Sweden
    Sweden has some of the purest air in Europe, because of the heavily regulated carbon emissions and fossil fuel output. One of its cities, Malmo runs entirely on biofuels, while many other cities also use many alternate energy resources. The streets are kept clean of litter and the environment as non-toxic as possible.
  5. Norway
    Most of Norway’s energy comes from hydroelectric power. Most of the buildings are designed to harness the sun’s power so have little impact on the environment. Norway also has very pure water and great sanitation, making it one of the cleanest and healthiest countries to live in.
  6. Mauritius
    Like Costa Rica, Mauritius prides itself in its biodiversity, which it protects through eco-tourism. This supports the locals, who would otherwise have to exploits is resources as a means of income. The Ministry of Environment has adopted an anti-littering campaign to reduce the amount of litter left by tourists.
  7. France
    Most of France’s energy come from nuclear energy, which produces little carbon emissions. Although nuclear energy produces nuclear waste, France maintains many eco-policies to and continues to work towards lowering its carbon emissions. The public transportation system reduces the amount of transport pollution, keeping its air cleaner.
  8. Austria
    With such beautiful landscapes, Austria is very keen on maintaining its environment. About 60% of the countries power comes from sustainable energy, about half just from hydroelectric power. Austrians try to live clean lives by taking public transportation, keeping their cities clean, and reducing carbon emissions.
  9. Cuba
    Cuba also promotes eco—tourism and forest preservation. The water is kept clean and housing is made eco-friendly. Most people have their own vegetable plots, saving the country from having large agricultural farming facilities.
  10. Colombia
    Colombia is very rich in biodiversity, and is home to about 10% of the world’s species. The countries transportation system is highly fuel efficient with most vehicles rely on bio-diesels rather than oil. The government use reforestation programs and sustainable forest development to guarantee income to locals, without having to exploits its resources.

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