Green Fitness Tips that Save Time & Money

Written by Melanie Kozlan

As every new year begins, many are counting calories and crowding into overpriced eco-unfriendly gyms. Not only is a gym membership expensive, it can be a waste of money once you get in the momentum of not going to the gym, or going for 20 minutes and leaving with a smoothie. The gym is also swimming with germs, despite any efforts to wipe down the sweat-covered treadmills. Choosing Green methods of exercise doesn’t only save energy or save your money, it can also save you from getting sick! Try some of these time (and money!) saving green fitness tips that will leave you feeling your best:

  • Incorporate Exercise to Your Routine

When you limit exercising to a specific time, you can find yourself feeling free to make lazy choices. Making an effort to take the stairs or bike to work will make it less crucial for you to schedule an exercise time since you’ll be getting regular exercise naturally.

  • Choose Minimalist Exercises

Why break the bank for an elliptical machine that will eventually end up being used as a coat rack, when you can jog, jump rope or do yoga? Youtube and various fitness websites offer free workout videos and sites like Yoga for Beginners makes it easy to learn any yoga pose.

  • Exercise with a Friend

Many feel too lazy or lack discipline to exercise on their own. Find a friend to run or do a workout video with twice a week. You’ll stay focused and have more fun.

  • Find a Way to Make it Fun

Jog with your dog, swim or invest in a small trampoline. Anything you can do to make it feel less like exercise. Try to do squats or push ups while you watch TV.

  • Don’t Focus on Losing Weight

Try to get in better shape rather than weighing yourself every time you exercise. As long as you are staying active regularly you are bound to see results after a few weeks. Focus on having fun and improving your health rather than fixating on a goal weight.

  • Check for Free Groups in Your Community- or Create One!

Yoga studios often offer a charity class once a week or something similar to yoga in the park. Amateur fitness trainers are always hosting free/cheap classes to gain experience, if you can’t find anything on sites like Craigslist, why not organize your own group of people to run or do pilates once a week?

Other Green Tips:

– Don’t buy bottled water! Watch the Story of Bottled Water to learn why.

– Shop for BPA-free, reusable waterbottles and eco-friendly fitness equipment in our Green marketplace

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