Fun Ways to Reuse Coffee Grinds

Author: Melanie Kozlan

Used coffee grinds are surprisingly versatile and easy to repurpose. Don’t drink coffee but interested in the benefits of reusing coffee grinds? Coffee shops like Starbucks go through incredible amounts of coffee every day and often offer grinds to their customers free of charge in an effort to help the environment. Read on for ways to use them for hair care, skin care, in the garden and more!

Add it to your beauty routine:

  • Use it to minimize cellulite!

Sounds crazy, but it works. Lay an old towel on the bathroom floor to make sure you don’t make a mess and rub the grinds over problem areas particularly on your thighs. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and rinse off.

  • Use as face scrub

Facial scrubs at the pharmacy can contain harmful toxins, even if they claim to be natural or organic. Coffee grinds can give you an instant glow: The caffeine will ‘wake up’ your skin and the texture of the grinds are perfect for microdermabrasion

  • Use it to get shiny hair

Coffee grinds can do wonders to hair, especially for brunettes. Take a small handful with you in the shower and apply to your roots to eliminate dandruff and rinse through your hair for a boost of shine!

Add it to your garden:

  • Coffee grinds are easily composted and an excellent addition to any garden, especially flower gardens.
  • Coffee grinds are surprisingly a natural insect repellent. Use it in your garden, or sprinkle a small portion inside your home (to problem areas) if you experience an ant infestation. (Also works with whole cloves)
  • Grow mushrooms! Buy or make your own mushroom spawns and just add the grinds.

Create alternative energy

  • Turn it into biodiesel!

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